There are so many gems to discover in the North of Israel, that even some Israelis didn't know yet. Here's my collection of places to see in Upper and Lower Galilee, as well as Etzba Hagalil, the "finger" that is reaching up to the North, next to the Golan heights.


Funky Monkeys

This was really a highlight and one of the best trips I ever did in Israel! The  Monkey Forest in Yodfat is kind of a little zoo, but it feels more like visiting a neighbor's garden. A neighbor with a lot of unusual animals, most of them are rescues.

We're sitting on a camping table in the middle of the garden, above us in the trees little monkeys are jumping around and as they see that we have a bag full fo treats (you can buy it there) for them they are jumping on us, on our heads, shoulders and are crazy cute. ​

And in the little kiosk next to the cashier there's the oldest monkey, taking care of the change. :)

The next adventure

Also a bit off the beaten path lies the Keshet cave, cose to the Lebanese border. Of the acutal cave there's only left the entrance, which gives the place the special shape of an arc. It's safe to walk all through the center of the ark, and look inside the cave, but when I just think about it, I get sweaty hands again.

If you want to go the next step, you can lower down into the cave on a rope, there are different companies offering this special adventure.​


A hotel from another time

Hidden deep in the old city of Nazareth lies the Fauzi Azar, a 200 years old arabic villa, that was turned into a hostel. There are double rooms and the classic hostel-like dorms.

From Monday to Saturday there are free tours that show another side of Nazareth, the focus lies on visiting typical Nazareth shops and the oldest cafe in Israel.

Fun Fact: They filmed the Israeli horror movie "Jeruzalem" in the hostel.

Spirituality in Safed

Safed, or in Hebrew Zfat is one of the most important cities for Judaism and outside of Israel well known as the center for Kabbala.

You can best discover the beautiful old city from the circle Edmund Safra by foot - there are a lot of art galelries and the typical blue doors.

At Ascend of Zfat they offer many events and courses in English about Jewish spirituality, sometimes a whole weekend.

Art in Safed.jpg