If you like to ski, the Golan Heights are your paradise in Winter. In Summer it's still nice to go hiking in the most northern Part of Israel.


Ski-feeling in Summer

Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in Israel, and the only one that turns into a ski and snowboard paradise in Winter. Who doesn't like tons of people better visits the Hermon in summer, the cable cars are still running and with the better weather you'll get a better view.

The cable car station can't be reached by public transport, just by car, but honestly, I wouldn't want to drive up these roads with an Israeli busdriver anyway. :D

A special swimming pool

One of the many springs in the Golan Heights turns into the Meshushim or Hexagon Pool. It's hidden between the hills of the Golan and can only be reached by foot, going down a narrow path in the nature reserve.

In the summer months it's a nice refreshment and opportunity to save energy for the ascent back to the park entrance.


A gaze into Syria

From Mount Bental you have a great view all over the Israeli North, up to the Hermon, on the other side you can see Syria and sometimes unfortunately you hear shots and explosions from there.


The whole former security area on Mount Bental is open for public and free to enter, the cafe there reminds me a lot of the German Alm, with the according prices.