Even though Haifa (in Hebrew pronounced "Kheifa") is the third biggest city in Israel, many tourists skip this pretty city. But there's so much more to see in my new home, than the Bahai Gardens!


Santa Clause is coming to town

First things first: You can find Christmas decoration in Haifa even in summer. One of the things I love most about Haifa is how everyone is living together peacefully: Christians, Muslims, Jews and (not in the picture) Bahai and Druze.

In Beit HaGefen there are many events that focus on the life together, no matter what religion you belong to.

In December there's the "Holiday of Holidays" in the German Colony and Wadi Nisnas, a Christmas parade with bagpipes and Santa Clause and a lot of lout music and blinking lights. Pass by Santa's house in Hadad street number 6 and get in Christmas mood!

"Rakevel", the cable car

There are great beaches in Haifa, for example the one in Bat Galim, the "daughter of the waves". The little neighborhood is home of postly elderly people and you can hear a lot of russion. It doesn't sound very exciting, but the beach is amazingly beautiful.

From Bat Galim you can take the cable care (about every 20 minutes) to the top of the carmen mountain and enjoy the wonderful view over the small neighborhood on the sea.

It's a bit hidden, but on the bottom of mount Carmel there's Elijah's cave, it's a synagogue, but everyone can visit there, no matter what your religion is.

We made this! 😊 Great success! (Didn't

The really best food

This was the moment I finally arrived in Israel. I had friends from Germany visit, took them to the Wadi Nisnas and proudly announced, that you have the best falafel, the best shawarma and the best humus of the whole country in this little part of Haifa. All the Israelis say that about their favorite place, but here it's really true. That, by the way, also everyone says.

All the three restaurants are already open before noon and close, when the food is finished, so don't wait until the evening and start the day with a delicious hummus-breakfast.

Archeology for free

In Haifa University there's the Hecht Museum - a must for everyone who's interested in archeology. The founder believed, that education should be free for everyone and insisted, that the entry to his museum will be even free after his death.

Next to the museum is the entrance to the Eshkol Tower, the highest building in Haifa, where don't just have a view all over the city, but also the carmel mountain.