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My first thoughts were: "How can I choose places in Jerusalem that are a bit off the popular destinations ..." In the end, I decided to write about places that impressed me the most and maybe fit for the second or third vacation in Israel.

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The most important place

The Kotel or the Western Wall is familiar to most of the people above ground, but there are several underground tours that give you a completely different view of the most important place in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount.


One of the most impressive tours starts from the City of David outside the walls of the old city. You descend to the source of the Gihon spring, from where you can hike through the water in the 500-meter-long Hiskija tunnel (be careful, the water is up to 70 cm high, so better go in summer) or along a dry path to the ponds going from Siloah. To me me, 1.80 m, the entrance to the water path was really scary and narrow, but to be able to walk through a tunnel which is more than 2000 years old was all the more impressive for that.


If you prefer not to get wet, you can go underground directly along the Kotel, all information is available from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

The "mysterious" quarter

I know a lot of travelers, who read about Mea Shearim, but decided rather not to visit this neighborhood. But if you are considerate I can just advise you to go and see the real-life settings of the series Shtisel for yourself.

Dress modest (long pants, or as a woman preferably a long skirt, covered shoulders and elbows and no clevage) and be respectful of the people living there, especially when it's about taking pictures. Rather enjoy the atmosphere and it's no problem at all to discover Mea Shearim!

You can also take bus number 1 from the old city to the central bus station, the line is passing through the main road with a lot of religious shops. You can find little plushie torah roll toys.

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Mahane Yehuda - more than just a market

After a long day walking through Jerusalem I like to spend the evening at the many restaurants and bars Mahane Yehuda market. I want to recommend my two favorites:

The food at the first one is based on Yemenite dishes like jahnun and malawach, it's a bit like puffy dough. I love the shakshuka-lawach or pizza-lawach, just order and get surprised.

The second restaurant is a Lebanese place, and I love their kubeh soup.

Let's talk politics

You can actually visit the Knesset, the Israeli parliament as a regular visitor.

There are tours in many different languages, when to come, how to book and all other details you can find on the Knesset website.

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