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Most non-religious visitors just pass through the Jordan Valley on their way from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. But there's one or the other gem on the way, don't miss it!


The Arbel cliff

Mount Arbel and his breathtaking cliffs above the Sea of Galilee are one of a kind - just like the view around.

There are a few paths to hike on and around the mountain, but someone advised me not to climb down, it's only for experienced hikers who can handle heights well. In this area most of the people underestimate the weather - the Jordan valley is in the North, but also 200 meters under the sea level, so the temperature easily rises above 40 degrees Celsius in Summer. Bring a lot of water on your hike!

This must be paradise

The Sachne river flows out of a natural hot spring, so people built a kibbutz and a national park around the river - Gan Hashlosha. Only in summer, when it's really hot outside, the warm water is a nice refreshment, in Winter I went inside to heat up a little bit...

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Hot springs and crocodiles

Besides the little monkeys in Galilee and the kangurus next to Beit Shean there are more animals! Hamat Gader is both a crocodile farm and a thermal bath with hot springs. And people say rockets are the most dangerous thing about Israel... :)

The crocodile farm and the small zoo can be visited separate from the hot springs, but who prefers the water can go relax in the previous Roman baths.

But take care, you shouldn't be in one of the pools for more than 10 minutes, the spring brings up 50 degree hot water. So let's rather visit the crocodiles.