My love for Israel also grew thanks to all the amazing Israeli musicians. Even before I moved here, I did a short trip over the weekend to see some of my favorite artists. Now I want to recommend you some of my personal best ofs.

Playlist "Israel Sheli"

A playlist with my "classic favorite songs" from Israel. I'll always update the playlist on spotify, so make sure to subscribe to get the latest updates.

In this playlist I collected songs that were playing in my "Israel vacation"-playlists for years, also songs in Hebrew, long before I could understand that language, but also musicians I just discovered recently.

I want to especially recommend Berry Saharof ("the king of Israeli rock"), ​Geva Alon ("Israeli version of Eric Clapton") and Asaf Avidan, whose name shuls be well known all over Europe since his remixed version of the "Reckoning Song".

"Israel Sheli - Heavy"

Besides my classics I also added a special "heavy version" of the playlist. My favorite band is Orphaned Land, the founders of oriental metal. A similar style, a mix between rock and world music is Subterranean Masquerade, who also toured Europe with Orphaned Land.

The first Isareli band, that was recommended to me over 12 years ago was Hayehudim ("the Jews"), classic rock in Hebrew, 90s style, but still active today. And I just love their live shows!

meinisrael 4a.JPG

Now? Live!

If you found a band you want to see, I want to recommend the Zappa, they have venues all over the country and it's really easy to order tickets for the shows there - even without an Israeli ID.

Another place, where I saw a ton of shows is the Barby, Tel Aviv. Besides a lot of Israeli bands they have a lot of international artists playing there. The website is in Hebrew, but can be easily translated with Google Chrome.