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The most important place

The Kotel or the Western Wall is familiar to most of the people above ground, but there are several underground tours that give you a completely different view of the most important place in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount.


One of the most impressive tours starts from the City of David outside the walls of the old city. You descend to the source of the Gihon spring, from where you can hike through the water in the 500-meter-long Hiskija tunnel (be careful, the water is up to 70 cm high, so better go in summer) or along a dry path to the ponds going from Siloah. To me me, 1.80 m, the entrance to the water path was really scary and narrow, but to be able to walk through a tunnel which is more than 2000 years old was all the more impressive for that.


If you prefer not to get wet, you can go underground directly along the Kotel, all information is available from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.